Roedolf Walker
1 minute read
17 Apr 2019
12:40 pm

WATCH: Alberton protests extend, grow violent

Roedolf Walker

Problems with surrounding schools, which irate parents have linked to a teacher's union, have not yet been resolved by the Department of Education, prompting the protest action.

Police tried to remove the burning tyres near Opel Weg Primary.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, protests were expanded in Eden Park in Alberton, with protesters blocking off Packard Street, before Eden Park Secondary School, reports Alberton Record.

Children were used to place branches and tyres on the road.

It has now been revealed that parents of children in Opel Weg Primary are those involved in the protest action, which is currently intensifying. This is due to their dissatisfaction with the response they have received from the Department of Education, relating to problems within Opel Weg Primary and surrounding schools, which they believe are the work of certain individuals linked to a teacher’s union.

Protesters delivered names of those believed to causing problems in the school to the department last Wednesday, but the department claimed they needed more time to investigate.

Because of this, the protest, which was largely contained to the streets outside of Opel Weg Primary, has extended to various parts of Eden Park.

Police and EMPD units responded to the blocking off of Opel Weg Road with burning tyres by the protesters.

Police tried to reason with the protesters, explaining that the protest was no longer peaceful and constituted damage to property. Protesters refused to clear the road, and the officers forcefully removed the barricading rocks and the burning tyres.

Police removing burning tyres from the road.

Alberton Record has requested response from the Department of Education regarding the protest, but no response has been received yet.

Updates to follow as more information becomes available.

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