Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
5 minute read
4 Feb 2021
4:55 pm

South Africa’s rhino graveyard is running out of space

Nica Richards

The country’s black and white rhino populations have more to deal with than just poaching. Droughts are proving fatal, as well as a lack of funding.

A rhino cow and her calf. Picture: Conservation Action Trust

When reading data, context is everything. We know that 33% less white and black rhino were killed for their horns last year. But if rhino population sizes as a whole in national and private game parks are decreasing, how significant is this 33%? And is poaching the only threat to existing black and white rhino populations? South African National Parks (SANParks) said anti-poaching efforts should be measured as “percentage of population lost” to give the statistics context.  Another factor to take into consideration is the poaching successes and arrests compared to rhino losses.  An anonymous source has, however, said that...