Rorisang Kgosana
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26 Nov 2014
1:42 pm

Spur, Wimpy to pursue legal actions after racist remarks

Rorisang Kgosana

Popular food outlets Spur and Wimpy will take legal actions after a racist social media post went viral, stating that food served to white people would be contaminated with saliva, semen and faeces.

Golden-river-spur: Picture, Centurion Rekord.

It is believed the instigator, Smanga Mphephetse Ndukuzabafo, regularly posts destructive and racial statements to attract attention and viral responses, Centurion Rekord reported.

The Facebook post by Ndukuzabafo said:

A screengrab of Smanga Mphephetse Ndukuzabafo's post.

A screengrab of Smanga Mphephetse Ndukuzabafo’s post.

The food outlets said customers should not be concerned, as preparation of food was constantly under strict supervision.

Wimpy said in a statement that franchise owners and managers were always present in the restaurants and kitchens.

“They physically monitor food preparation and service quality throughout the day, according to strict, predefined procedures which include random spot checks and over-the-shoulder monitoring,” the statement read.

Spur Steak Ranches said its food was prepared in the public eye and was difficult to contaminate as most Spurs had cameras both in the kitchen and the restaurant.

“Our training department implements intensive and ongoing operational, hygiene and sanitation training programmes to all staff. We are proud our customer base is racially diverse, as are our management teams and waiters,” Spur’s statement read.

Spur added that the social media post was a clear and “obvious attempt to create viral damage to restaurant brands and should be treated with the contempt this blatantly racist and baseless nonsense deserves”.

“We will be taking legal action against the originator of the post for the malicious, slanderous and false statements which were made,” Spur said.

Ndukuzabafo’s post sparked outrage on Facebook.

  • Andy Butcherboy du Toit said: “People like smanga incite racism in the hopes of getting whites to rally together so like minded blacks can try point a finger at the whites but it will backfire when blacks, whites, indians, coloureds and asians all will turn around and stand up to people like this and bring them down a notch.”
  • Rachel Muhammad said: “Really dude. In this day and age you need to grow up and stop living in the past. YOU ARE A RACIST. People like you deserve to be hung. I love this rainbow nation we live in and obviously you belong on an island on your own with no people around you. Hope this destroys you and your comedian future if you really are one. Don’t mess with Spur they are the most awesome restaurant ever and no employee would ever do such a thing.”
  • Alma Morkel Aspeling said: “Stop making fake profiles to stir up racism. People actually do pay attention to these things, taking it to heart. It serves no purpose but to stress people out, no one needs any more stress thanks. The country honestly doesn’t need any more insensitive jokers like you and quite frankly its sad, not sad in the sarcastic sense, sad in a – Please let this person see the light type of way. I pray to God you are a silly teenager because behavior like this in adult, rational HUMAN BEINGS is beyond me.”

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