Faizel Patel
2 minute read
6 May 2022
9:44 am

‘Embassy of the Terrorist Country of Russia’ – Google users change Russian Embassy name in SA

Faizel Patel

The Embassy of the Russian Federation has been changed on Google Maps to reflect the atrocities being committed by Russia.

Screen grab of Google Maps

It seems people have been having fun on Google Maps with the Russian embassy in South Africa.

As Russia’s war on Ukraine rages on, the Embassy of the Russian Federation has been changed on Google Maps to reflect the atrocities being committed by Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

A search for 316 Brooks Street, Menlo Park, Pretoria the address of the Russian Embassy in Pretoria reveals a red marker with a different name for the embassy.

“Embassy of the Terrorist Country of Russia.”

It’s unclear who was involved in the alleged name change, but journalist Carien du Plessis tweeted that “People have been busy on Google Maps.”

Meanwhile, Amnesty International South Africa is expected to hold a peaceful demonstration outside the Russian Embassy in Pretoria on Friday in solidarity with protesters in Russia, whose right to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression has been violated by Russian authorities.

Amnesty International said it will also call the Russian Embassy to account.

 “We will also make it known to the Russian government, through the demonstration, that people around the world are calling for an end to the invasion of Ukraine and call on it to stop the crackdown of anti-war protesters as we highlight the shrinking civil space globally.”

South Africa has been heavily crticised for repeatedly calling for Russia and Ukraine to maintain the momentum of peace talks and resolve disputes through dialogue and negotiations, which has placed government under fire for its neutral stance after failing to condemn the war.

Last month, President Cyril Ramaphosa broke his silence and finally spoke to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky.

It was the first time Ramaphosa had spoken to Zelensky since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia almost two months ago after having already spoken to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen is currently in Ukraine in a “fact-finding” visit of war the war-torn country.

Steenhuisen arrived in Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv, on Monday on his “six-day tour” as Russia continues to attack the eastern European country.

Many have described Steenhuizen’s trip to Ukraine as a publicity stunt to score political points, is publicity-hungry… and will use any excuse for a photo opportunity or a few lines in print.

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