Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
16 May 2022
6:15 am

Mzansi’s People: Teen ‘cannot see future’, looks beyond SA for work

Hein Kaiser

Dog chase tail: that is what it is like for most school-leavers and many graduates on a job market debut. Natalie Pedreiro shares her experience.

Natalie Pedreiro is battling but keeps a positive attitude. Photo: Hein Kaiser

Natalie Pedreiro, 19, works at a Linksfield coffee shop as a waitress. She is soft-spoken, friendly to all and seems to always look on the bright side. During conversation, she always balances negatives with a positive comment. Getting a job in South Africa is extremely difficult, she said. After knocking on tons of doors and mailing out resumes ad nauseam, the response was always the same. Her lack of experience counted against her. She said: “I finally managed to get a starter job at a preschool, looking after youngsters. It was an internship, as pay just covered my expenses.” But...