Rorisang Kgosana
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24 Jun 2015
12:05 pm

VIDEO: Inspector caught ‘verbally abusing’ elderly man

Rorisang Kgosana

Outrage continues to pour out on social media after a video emerged of an eThekwini health inspector allegedly verbally and physically abusing an elderly man.

A screengrab of a video showing an eThekwini health inspector allegedly verbally and physically abusing an elderly man. Pic: YouTube

The health inspector had caught the elderly man illegally dumping waste, Rekord Centurion reported.

Warning: Contains explicit language

The cellphone video, released on the Sunday Tribune’s Facebook page, shows a man, reportedly a municipal inspector, swearing at a man after he found him dumping refuse in an illegal area.

The inspector repeatedly curses the man before hitting him on the back.

“Look at all this f**king dirt. I have to clean this f**king place, and they go and dump more. Hey, shut your f**king mouth,” the man is heard shouting.

“I will arrest you, old man. I’m f**king tired of professional people dumping their refuse here. I’m the one who has to clean this place.”

The inspector, identified as Shalendra Harricharan, said he had been asked not to speak to the media when contacted for comment.

Commenting on the matter, Ashrana Chanderanberg said on Facebook: “U see this old black man is jus a worker, and he was told by his boss to dump the dirt there. So it is not his fault. The people who he was working for that day should be fined (sic)”

Sheila Moodley Spiritsoul said: “In what way is he abusing him. The guy walked there and threw the dirt that is what we can see. Do you expect him to be nice to him. Of course he used foul language, perhaps that is the only language some people understand… It is the polluting of our rivers that is wrecking havoc with water supply for which the public have to pay (sic)”.

Sherwin Ryan Moodley said: “The HEALTH inspector is responsible. He is actually doing his job. At least he didn’t ask for a bribe to allow the dumping. Educated or not educated, The person dumping was quickly removing his evidence. He is on this earth long. I don’t think you need education to know right from wrong. Pathetic trying to expose the HEALTH INSPECTOR…let’s clean up all crime and criminals (sic)”.

– Caxton News Service