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30 Aug 2015
9:00 am

Chocolates, sweets taken from Woolies checkout lines

Citizen Reporter

“Maybe I’ll have a Kit Kat”, will be a thing of the past the next time you are paying for your groceries at Woolworths.

As part of its Good Food Journey, the retailer will remove all sweets and chocolates from their checkout queues. According to the store, it is a “reflection of its commitment to providing alternatives for children and parents”.

Over the past 10 years, Woolworths has taken significant steps towards providing customers with better choices. Some noteworthy milestones have included the announcement in 1999 that MSG and tartrazine would no longer be used, as well as substantial salt and sugar reductions in many existing foods products, the store said in a statement.

Over the course of 2007 and 2008, the retailer removed the equivalent of 20 million teaspoons (approximately 79 tons) of sugar from its juices and reduced the sugar content across the yoghurt range by 15%, and gradually reduced the salt content used in making over 100 of its own-brand products, which has resulted in a dramatic reduction of 35.2 tons of salt.

These include breads, cereals and deli meats, as well as biltong, cheese, boerewors, fish, party snacks and some frozen foods.

Spencer Sonn, member of the chain’s foods leadership team, said: “I am delighted that we are committing to remove sweets and chocolates from our checkout aisles. Customers can trust that Woolworths has their best interests at heart, and as a father myself, I am very proud that we are leading the way on providing healthier kids’ options. Woolworths will be engaging with customers through panel discussions and focus groups to find out what alternatives they would like to see in the checkout aisles.”