Rorisang Kgosana
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16 Oct 2015
4:56 pm

Woman finds maggots in KFC meal

Rorisang Kgosana

KFC is back in the news, this time after a woman reportedly found maggots in pieces of chicken purchased at an outlet in Pretoria.

Maggots reportedly found in KFC chicken purchased by a woman in Pretoria. Pic: Stephni Naude

Stephni Naude – a resident of Groenkloof, in the east of the city – said she had bought the 21-piece bucket from the KFC in Hillcrest for her family’s Sunday lunch on 4 October.

“We all ate it. My housekeeper then came to me and showed me the maggots from one of the chicken pieces. We checked the others and there were maggots on other pieces as well. The worms were actually crawling into the bones,” Naude said.

Naude said she put the chicken in a container and placed it in the sun to allow the maggots to crawl out of the chicken, Rekord East reported.

“I then threw it away. It was so gross. I reported the incident to the KFC franchise and the manager asked me to return with the slip so she can replace the chicken, but I don’t want anything else from them,” she said.

After reporting the case to the KFC’s head office, Naude said she was yet to get a response.

However, KFC managing director Doug Smart said this was an isolated incident and that Naude was unable to provide the fried chicken franchise with a product sample.

“This particular complaint was laid 24 hours after the chicken was purchased and as such we cannot confirm how the chicken was transported and stored after leaving our restaurant,” Smart said.

He added other purchases made at the Hillcrest KFC on the same day were also investigated.

“It is unlikely that the maggots originated from our restaurant,” Smart said.

– Caxton News Service