Rorisang Kgosana
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6 Nov 2015
3:44 pm

Kitten dies after being kicked by pupils

Rorisang Kgosana

A kitten died after being kicked by Pretoria pupils.

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A two-week-old kitten has died after it was allegedly kicked by two Silverton primary school learners in Pretoria.

Nadine van Niekerk, a teacher and patroller at the school, said she heard children screaming on the premises on Tuesday morning, and thought they were fighting, Rekord East reported.

“When I rushed into the mob of pupils, the children scattered and one of them told me that two girls had been kicking the kitten around. When I checked, I saw the kitten was still rolling a couple of times on the ground. I picked it up and took it to my fellow teachers,” added Van Niekerk. She said the principal agreed for the injured kitten to be taken to a shelter.

Tarryn Parker from Catz R U said the kitten was severely injured and bruised. The kitten died later that afternoon, Van Niekerk said.

The primary school had been stricken by wild cats that stay on the premises and birth litters. The school’s principal, Andre Pieterse, said the school was planning to capture the cats to be sterilised.

“We do not want to get rid of them. We just want them to be caught, sterilised and returned. The cats are useful as they get rid of the rats we have on the premises,” he said. “They hide during the day under the classrooms, but our teachers ensure they are fed,” said Pieterse.

– Caxton News Service