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14 Dec 2015
11:50 am

Man chases, shoots neighbour’s dog

Rorisang Kgosana

The dogs ended up on the neighbour’s property. He chased them and cornered them and fired four times

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A family in Mooikloof, in the east of Pretoria, is distraught after a neighbour cornered their dog and shot it three times.

The 13-month-old Basset, known as Bismarck, died shortly after the shooting on Friday morning.

Owner Hennie De Jager said two of his dogs had gone out of his yard at about 6.30 am, Rekord East reported.

“The dogs ended up on my neighbour’s property. He chased them and cornered them and fired four times. Bismarck was hit three times,” he said.

De Jager said the man left Bismarck to die slowly.

“We had put a cone around his neck so he could stop digging and squeezing himself under the fence so he does not get out the yard but he managed to. This is terrible. We do not have any children and our five dogs were like our kids.”

Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre said Bismarck was shot in the stomach, resulting in a slow and painful death.

“We are waiting for a pathology report from a vet at Onderstepoort before we can move forward with the case. That animal did not need to be shot and left to die in that way,” the animal shelter said.

The organisation added residents that were bothered by their neighbour’s animals should contact the relevant authorities rather than taking the law into their own hands.

Boschkop police are investigating and no arrests have been made.

This after a man allegedly shot dead two dogs after they attacked his child in Pretoria two months ago.

It is believed Hendrico Fourie, 34, was visiting his parents-in-law in the Pretoria Gardens, west of the city, when the two Boerboels apparently attacked his child. Fourie then took a gun and killed the two dogs after which his father-in-law called police.

Fourie was later arrested on charges of discharging a firearm and malicious damage to property.

SPCA spokesperson Korky Levanon said the dogs died instantly and did not suffer and therefore the animal rights organisation would not be laying charges against Fourie.

“Until there is any information that proves the dogs suffered and did not die immediately, we cannot lay charges,” she said.

– Caxton News Service