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7 Aug 2019
7:46 pm

‘Dog poo’ accused allegedly threatened to let dogs bite love rival’s vagina

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The accused also allegedly forced Ivodene van Niekerk to drink two tablets, believed to be 'abortion pills', and pricked her finger to do a blood test.

Justice in court. Picture: Twitter

A Tygerberg Hospital theatre nurse accused of forcing a woman to eat dog faeces also allegedly threatened to set dogs on her to bite her vagina, the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court heard on Wednesday.

Constable Craig Sylvester told the court Elizabeth Williams – who is appearing with two other people on charges of kidnapping, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and intimidation following the incident on July 26 – should not be granted bail.

Questioned by prosecutor Laurentia Morkel, Sylvester recounted what the complainant, Ivodene van Niekerk, had told him about the bizarre sequence of events after Williams had accused her of sleeping with her boyfriend, “Jubie”.

He claimed the two other accused – Princess Gopie and Porchia Jonkers – had lured Van Niekerk to Williams’ house on the pretext that Williams wanted her nails done.

Van Niekerk is a nail technician.

However, Van Niekerk said she felt scared when she arrived at the house, but was “hugged” by Williams before entering it.

Afterwards, Williams allegedly forced her to drink two tablets, believed to be “abortion pills”, and then pricked her finger to do a blood test.

Van Niekerk asked what the tablets were for, and was told to just swallow them.

The complainant then asked if she could go to the toilet, and when she was wiping herself, Williams allegedly threatened her with her two dogs – a boerboel and pit bull.

“The accused then told her, ‘djy gaan nou sien, djy gaan nou sien laat die honde jou p**s uit byt‘ [You will see, you will see how the dogs will bite your vagina out],” Sylvester testified.

She started crying and was also allegedly hit with a knobkerrie.

The nurse, who has since put in her resignation at the hospital, then allegedly made Van Niekerk sit at a table and told her she did not have HIV, but that she had a sexually transmitted disease.

She then fetched a clear bag containing dog faeces and allegedly forced the woman to eat it, threatening that she should not vomit “because her kitchen is clean”.

During Sylvester’s testimony, a neatly dressed Williams sat motionless, at times listening with her eyes closed.

Afterwards, he said, Williams took the two dogs and Van Niekerk to Jonkers’ house and got into an argument with Jonkers, also for allegedly sleeping with her boyfriend.

She then allegedly assaulted Jonkers with a dog chain.

She took the dog faeces that she had brought with her, threw it on the ground and made Van Niekerk eat it again.

Sylvester said Van Niekerk told him she went home, took a bath and rinsed her mouth out.

She also went for a medical examination four days later, where injuries were recorded on her body.

Williams’ lawyer, Andrew Jones, said there was no proof that Van Niekerk was forced to take abortion pills, and noted she had waited four days before going for an official medical examination.

Jonkers and Gopie were granted bail of R1 000 each, with strict instructions not to talk to Van Niekerk.

Williams will stay in custody until August 12 for judgment in her bail application.

The other two will appear with her again on the same day.

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