Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
3 minute read
29 Dec 2021
7:30 am

Seismic shock: Talk to the people first, Shell

Nica Richards

With dead fish washing up on Wild Coast beaches already, the high court yesterday stood firm behind the fishing communities and issued an urgent interdict to halt the oil giant’s seismic blasting in the area.

A number of protests have taken place from Cape Town to the Eastern Cape in opposition to Shell's planned seismic blasting along the Wild Coast. Picture: Twitter/@WILDOCEANSSA

In a truly David and Goliath battle Wild Coast communities have scored a “massive victory” against Shell, stopping the oil giant’s seismic survey in its tracks as the devastation of its recent oceanic activities is already showing with dead fish washing up on beaches. Shell lost the second round of the legal battle as Judge Gerald Bloem yesterday in the High Court in Makhanda issued an urgent interdict against the company, declaring its exploration right unlawful and invalid as it was awarded through a flawed process. Reports of dead fish on beaches where the survey has started surfaced yesterday during...