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Allan Troskie
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20 Dec 2018
12:16 pm

‘Numbers Gang’ member arrested in Ballito

Allan Troskie

After being apprehended by a local security company last night, it emerged that a trespasser was a member of the notoriously dangerous prison gang.

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Quick action by local security officers saw a member of the notorious prison “Numbers Gang” arrested in Minerva Road on Tuesday night, reports North Coast Courier.

According to Brennon Knott from IPSS Electronic Security, they received a call from a homeowner after midnight regarding two men entering their property.

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The resident, whose name is known to the North Coast Courier, said they had been having a relaxing evening when they noticed two suspicious characters in the road outside their property. When they saw the men approach the property, they immediately called for assistance.

“IPSS were there within three minutes, it was great to see how fast and professionally they reacted.”

Knott said they arrived in Minerva Road and managed to corner one of the two men on the property. Unfortunately, the other man escaped.

After arresting him and handing him over to the police, it emerged that the man was a member of the infamously dangerous and violent prison gang the “Numbers Gang”.

The gang is the most recognisable criminal organisation in South Africa and has become a problem in the prison system.

According to captain Vinny Pillay of Umhlali SAPS, the Numbers Gang is divided into three tiers: 26s, 27s, and 28s.

“Often when criminals enter the prison system they have to join the Numbers Gang. Once you are in you are in, there is no leaving the gang – you are a member for life.”

The 26s are the lowest tier of the gang, specialising in robbery and smuggling goods. The 27s are where the blood component comes into play – to join them, you must stab a guard, warden, or other law enforcement officer.

At the top of the gang lie the 28s, who are violent sexual offenders and have included some of the most heinous murderers in South African history.

Pillay said it was likely the men were part of a local housebreaking syndicate operating on the Dolphin Coast.

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