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23 Dec 2018
10:42 am

Police officer accused of forcing women to give oral sex to avoid arrest

Citizen Reporter

The US police officer has been arrested, jailed, and his bail set at $1 million.

Mark Eric Icker is accused of forcing women to perform oral sex on him to avoid being arrested.

A policeman from Pennsylvania in the United States (US) has been arrested and jailed after allegedly forcing women to have oral sex after traffic stops, Newsweek reports.

Mark Eric Icker’s bail has been set at $1 million, an amount his lawyer found shockingly high, saying he’d “never seen $1 million set for anybody.”

Icker is unlikely to get much sympathy, however, after allegedly forcing two women in separate incidents to perform oral sex on him in return for him letting them go free.

One woman was stopped and accused by Icker of driving under the influence of alcohol, which she denied. She was however out on bail for a previous offence, and warned by the policeman that she could go to jail if caught offending again.

Icker is then accused of driving her to a secluded spot, where she performed oral sex on him in return for the charges being dropped.

TimesLeader reports that he allegedly asked her “What can you do to help me, help you?”

Another woman was driving a car with no registration, and when searched was found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana.

He drove her to a nearby empty police station and told her “I’m trying to help you out” before he “unzipped his pants zipper, closed a door, and had the woman perform oral sex on him.”

The woman said he fondled her breasts during the act and that she felt powerless.

He also allegedly told her that he was on his second marriage but that “marriage is boring”. He also reportedly told his victim “sucks this is how we met” and told her he hoped to see her again.

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