Corlia Kruger
1 minute read
28 Feb 2019
3:15 pm

Centurion gamer thwarts robbery in Montana

Corlia Kruger

The young man heard someone pleading for their life through his headphones.

Image: iStock

Four men who robbed a complex in Montanapark, Centurion, on Monday afternoon are still at large after they eluded the police in a chase through the streets of Montana, during which shots were fired, reports Centurion Rekord.

Sinoville police spokesperson Warrant Officer Johan van Dyk said a young man in Centurion was playing an online video game with his friend in Montana when he suddenly heard a man through his headphones pleading with the robbers to spare his life.

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The Centurion resident then called the police to alert them to the robbery in progress, where the four robbers had broken into a unit in a security complex and tied up three occupants – the man, the friend, and their domestic worker.

Van Dyk said the police were able to locate the man and rushed to his home where they found the robbers loading electronic equipment and other items into a getaway car.

“When they spotted the police, they dropped their loot and jumped over the wall into an adjoining complex where they hijacked a car and drove off,” said Van Dyk.

“The police pursued them, but they got away and the hijacked vehicle was later found abandoned on the roadside.”

Van Dyk said the vehicle the robbers abandoned in the first complex had previously been reported stolen.

The victims received counselling and a task team has been set up to trace the suspects, said Van Dyk.

The police hoped to make an arrest soon.

Van Dyk praised the young Centurion resident for his quick thinking and action.

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