Shorné Bennie
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14 Jul 2020
8:58 am

Northdale man dies after being shot during ‘altercation’

Shorné Bennie

The man was shot in the chest, but he did not realise it after fleeing the scene.

Image: iStock.

A young Northdale mother of two is grieving the death of her husband after he was shot on Saturday night within walking distance of their home.

Nerusha Moodley, 28, said she burst into tears when she heard that her husband Kubendran “Sholin” Chinnadu, 29, had died.

“I knew that Sholin was going to leave a friend at his home and then to the shop. I became concerned when he took time to return,” said Moodley.

It was just after 10pm when she heard the car Chinnadu was driving outside their Veerapa Road home. According to neighbours, Chinnadu was parked outside a nearby tuck shop.

“Sholin and two friends were in the car so he never left the friend at his home. We were told they were parked outside the tuck shop when a man came out of his house and told my husband and his friends to move away and started swearing at them as their car was making a noise.

“One of Sholin’s friends got out of the car and retaliated with swearing and Sholin then asked his friend to get back into the car so that they could leave.

“In this process, the man shot at the car and Sholin was shot already in his chest, but he did not realise it so he drove off. Only when the car started to move off the road and he started to bend over the steering did they realised he had been shot,” she said.

At 11.30pm, Moodley received two phone calls; one from Chinnadu’s employer and the other from her sister-in-law to query his whereabouts.

They did not inform her of his death.

“I became worried when I received two calls and I called his friend. He told me Sholin was shot and he was with him and I then called his employer at 12.15am to take me to my husband.

“He told me Sholin had died so I just stood in my driveway crying. I felt numb and I did not know what to think,” said Moodley.

Chinnadu was the breadwinner who did everything for his family.

“I can only think of my two young sons, Gerrard, 8, and Serino, 2 because they were with their father for such a short time. How will my two-year-old remember his dad?

“They have been robbed of their father. I want justice for Sholin. He did not deserve this kind of death,” said Moodley.

This article first appeared on Capital Newspapers and was republished with permission.

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