Gareth Cotterell
Digital News Editor
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9 Dec 2021
5:58 pm

WATCH: Shocking footage shows armed men kill victim in Sandton traffic

Gareth Cotterell

Although it looks like an armed robbery, a crime analyst has suggested it was an assassination.

Although the motive for the shooting is unclear at this stage, there is speculation that it was an assassination. Picture: Screengrab from Twitter

The Sandton CBD was the scene of a fatal shooting on Thursday, with speculation that the victim was a metro police officer.

The crime occurred in broad daylight, at an intersection in central Sandton.

A video of the crime was widely shared on social media. It shows one armed man smashing the driver’s side window of a white VW Polo. Another armed man opens the passenger door and seems to take some items before running to a getaway vehicle.

The criminal on the driver’s side then leans through the broken window and grabs something. He then opens the back door and take something from the back seat.

He also flees to the getaway vehicle, which speeds off and even drives through a red light.

There are reports that the victim was rushed to hospital but passed away.

The motive for the shooting is unclear. It appears to be an armed robbery, but there is also a suggestion that it was an assassination.

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The incident allegedly happened on the corner of Katherine Street and 5th Avenue in central Sandton.

Attempts to get comment from the police were unsuccessful at the time of publishing.

However, crime analyst Michael McLaggan believes it could have been an assassination attempt. He also said the victim was a police officer. These allegations are unconfirmed so far.

The people that recorded the footage from a nearby building can be heard saying that the getaway car “has no number plates”.

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