Faizel Patel
Senior Digital Journalist
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27 Jul 2022
1:12 pm

Religious leaders urged to take a stand against crime in Lenasia

Faizel Patel

Lenasia has been plagued by murders, kidnappings, robberies and hijackings in recent months.

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Social cohesion advocate Yusuf Abramjee has urged residents and religious leaders in Lenasia to take a stand against crime in the suburb.

Abramjee said Lenasia has been plagued by crime for months with a number of murders, kidnappings, robberies, hijackings and burglaries taking place.

“It’s time for this community to stand up and take action. Sitting back and watching these criminals running amok will not help.”

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Abramjee says there are also ongoing complaints about poor policing in Lenasia.

“Two people, a father of five and his nephew (23) were attacked last week in Nirvana Drive. Both have passed away, one of many incidents. Community and religious leaders also need to wake up and take a stand against the lawlessness.”

It is believed that the victims were driving back from work, when a white Toyota Quest, with an unknown registration number, forced them off the road.

Lenasia Saps spokesperson, Bafana Ndimande, says the driver lost control and the car overturned.

“Two unknown males from a Toyota Quest approached and started shooting at the victims. Upon arrival police officers found three unidentified males who sustained gunshot wounds on upper bodies.”

In a comment to The Citizen, Abramjee says the community isn’t talking about the crime affecting Lenasia.

“On Friday, I went to the funeral of Aadil. I earlier went to Jumu’ah (Friday prayer). Not a word on crime and the current situation in Lenasia. Religious leaders must take a stand.”

A number of incidents have been reported in recent weeks, including the shooting or four people at an informal settlement.

Gauteng Police Commissioner, Elias Mawela, confirmed that two more were wounded in the shooting at Thembelihle informal settlement.

Preliminary investigations revealed the victims were shot dead while sitting around a fire.

“Two died in a corner, another person died by a street, the fourth body we are told is in another block. We don’t know how it happened, whether that person was part of this group.”

Police say investigations are underway to establish the motive for the shootings and no arrests have been made.

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