Rorisang Kgosana
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30 Dec 2019
6:14 am

Going to university is not the answer for everyone – Uasa

Rorisang Kgosana

The scourge of unemployed university graduates often leads to them returning to universities to upgrade their qualification and they end up overqualified.

backside graduation hats during commencement success graduates of the university, Concept education congratulation. Graduation Ceremony ,Congratulated the graduates in University during commencement.

More than a decade of schooling is finally over for the class of 2019 matriculants. But not all hope is lost for those who do not qualify to attend a university next month because there are other options, says union UASA. The department of basic education is to release the National Senior Certificate examination results on 7 January, but those who do not meet the requirements for a traditional university should not be too concerned. While matric provides wide theoretical background, it does not prepare them for realistic duties in the workplace. UASA spokesperson Stanford Mazhindu said universities often do...