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Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
9 May 2019
11:30 am

GOOD happy with early numbers after short campaign

Gopolang Moloko

The DA was wary of former member Patricia De Lille's influence in the Western Cape.

Patricia de Lille officially reveal and put up the first Aunty Pat for Western Cape premier poster, Cape Town, 20 February 2019. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane / African News Agency (ANA)

Although the GOOD party has not soared in the Western Cape as the Democratic Alliance’s competition, the party’s secretary-general, Brett Herron, has said they were pleased with the early numbers at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) office.

Looking at the fact that the party was launched in December, the party was encouraged by the numbers they were seeing at the polls, continued Herron.

“It’s still early to predict an outcome, but we are encouraged by what we are seeing and if this pattern of voting returns continues throughout the day, then I think we’ll be very satisfied with the results.

“We launched only on the December 2nd, we’ve run a very short campaign. The older parties have had two years to plan and execute their campaign. We had four months, and if we can achieve what we hope to achieve within the first four months, we must be satisfied with that outcome.”

The DA was wary of GOOD leader Patricia De Lille’s influence in the Western Cape, but she got less than 3% of the votes tallied so far, which appears to be less than half of what she got when she led the Independent Democrats to a kingmaker role.

On Wednesday, shortly after voting, De Lille said they would welcome any number of votes they received since this was their first time campaigning.

“For us, any vote or any seeds we will get is a victory. We will represent the people of South Africa.”

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