Eric Naki
Political Editor
1 minute read
4 Mar 2021
5:22 am

Local elections delayed until later in 2021

Eric Naki

The local elections were scheduled to be held between 4 August and 1 November.

The IEC wants a postponement of the 27 October polls, saying on Monday it would 'urgently approach the Electoral Court to postpone eight by-elections'.

As political parties brace themselves for local government elections, it has become clear the polls will not take place until later in the year. This as the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) this week kick-started the process to train various stakeholders around the Political Party Funding Act, including political parties, the commission’s senior officials and staff, and on 17 March would be the turn for the media. The Act regulates donations received by parties including revealing their sources of funding. It also prohibits external donations to parties and imposes penalties for breaches of the legislation. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s move...