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Amanda Watson
News Editor
3 minute read
26 Oct 2021
7:00 am

Ward 118 independent candidate wants to enforce bylaws and ensure better services

Amanda Watson

Ward 118 comprises parts of Cleveland, Malvern and Kensington, Bruma, Dewetshof, Cyrildene, Observatory Ext 1 and Linksfield Ridge.

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Until election day on Monday, The Citizen is opening up space for political parties and independent candidates to
promote themselves and their platforms in their own words.

  • To level the playing field, all parties and independent candidates will answer the same five questions in a maximum of 150 words per question.
  • If you wish to take part, please e-mail:
  • Today, Fleur Honeywill, independent candidate for ward 118, speaks.

1. Complete the statement: I believe I am the best choice for Ward 118 because:

Ward 118 comprises parts of Cleveland, Malvern and Kensington, Bruma, Dewetshof, Cyrildene, Observatory Ext 1 and Linksfield Ridge.

There are approximately 17 383 registered voters.

Ward 118 is diverse, with different religions, cultures, and socioeconomic circumstances.

There are informal settlements and high unemployment amongst the youth. Yet, in Bruma and Linksfield Ridge, there is wealth.

I have learnt our issues are all the same – we all want to live in a clean and safe suburb. Regardless of our status, we all have the same problems – poor service delivery, lack of enforcement of bylaws and ongoing infrastructure problems.

I know how to mobilise to get action. My background is a combination of corporate and entrepreneur. I have mobilised a campaign of 250 posters, 5 000 flyers and a team of volunteers in a month.

This organisational ability will be deployed to mobilise the community to deal with infrastructure problems and other major issues.

2. How do you intend to cut municipality costs such as excessive salaries, vehicle allowances, staff complements and the like?

As a ward councillor, I will not have direct control over these issues.

However, there are subcommittees to address such matters, and there are council meetings. I will prepare questions for the appropriate forums.

However, my priority is improving service delivery and bylaw enforcement in my ward. In addition, we have ageing infrastructure in ward 118, resulting in problems such as burst water mains and power outages.

I need to prioritise these problems in my dealings with council.

3. How will you be accountable to residents? (How will you report to residents?)

Ward councillors are required to report quarterly to residents.

I will implement a trouble-ticket system for service delivery and bylaw infringement issues. In this manner, I am to track resolution. There will be a monthly report to residents. Additionally, I will have issue-based projects and teams and will ensure feedback to residents on the status of our never-ending infrastructure problems.

I am accountable to the residents.

4. People are broke and battling to pay their municipal bills, unemployment is at a record high, what are your plans to stimulate the local economy and help ratepayers meet their obligations?

Ward 118 has high youth unemployment. We also have a number of city-owned buildings that are not in use.

These can be repurposed as social housing.

There are a few youth-centred organisations in Malvern and these need to be activated and supported.

These entities can be mobilised to enable people to make a living.

There are two parks in the ward that are underutilised and could be upgraded, through public/private partnerships

5. What are your 100 days in office goals?

  • My goals are to get JRA to clean the stormwater drains; to fill potholes;
  • To get Joburg Water to properly repair the many broken water pipes;
  • To tackle illegal businesses and illegal dumping, as well as noise with BDM and JMPD; and
  • To push City Power to undertake maintenance of the mini substations.