Amanda Watson
News Editor
5 minute read
14 Jan 2020
6:00 am

How public servants milk the state

Amanda Watson

Nearly 4,000 employees in Minister Patricia de Lille’s department of public works cash in through doing business with government, she revealed.

Patricia de Lille. Picture: Moneyweb

Revelations by public works minister Patricia de Lille yesterday that 3,700 of her employees were doing business with her department has pointed to a far bigger problem within the civil service than previously realised. De Lille also noted 300 employees in her department had their own companies which were doing business with her department in an interview with 702 yesterday. "This is where corruption and irregular expenditure begins, when employees are more concerned about their own interests and the profits of their own companies or that of relatives," Outa chairperson Wayne Duvenhage told The Citizen. So while we wait for...