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9 Aug 2017
9:11 pm

The ‘Other Stuff’ You Can Do to Lose Weight: Sort out your relationship with food

ATW Nutrition Coaching

Quick! What is the first thing you think when you see a giant salad? A slice of chocolate cake? A steak? A huge pile of French fries?

Chocolate and strawberry pancakes. Picture: Thinkstock

Most people who want to lose weight will answer something like this:

  • Salad: “I know it’s good for me, but I don’t like it.”
  • Cake: “Cake is evil. It’ll make me fat. I’d end up eating the whole thing.”
  • Steak: “That’s healthy right? I can eat a big one of those and still lose weight.”
  • Fries: “Those are super-bad for me. They are deep fried. I should NEVER eat them, but I love them so!”

People who think this way think that they are helping themselves by maintaining these attitudes to the various foods. I’m going to suggest that thinking like this is UNhelpful, UNproductive, and is making you FATTER.

Good & evil food = guilt

Seeing some foods as ‘good’ and others as ‘evil’ is a system of categorisation that ultimately leads to a cycle of guilt, because every time you eat something off the ‘evil’ list you go into a downward spiral of negativity that usually results in binge-eating the very thing you feel guilty about, because you feel like you’ve just destroyed ALL your previous progress with your one little slip-up.

But here’s the thing, one small ‘treat’ every now-and-then will NOT make any difference to your diet. Consistent LONG-TERM application of the plan is what makes the difference.

Having a guilt-based relationship with food is never going to help you lose weight

So start thinking about foods in categories of how regularly you can eat them. Salad is an every day, multiple times food. Cake is a one piece, once-per-month food. Steak is a once or twice per week food. Fries are also a small portion – once per month if you must – food.

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