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Yvonne Albers
2 minute read
5 Jul 2018
11:47 am

9 simple tips to keep your body and mind in shape

Yvonne Albers

Take a small nap of 15 to 20 minutes to recharge and get going again.

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Life gets busy, but that’s no excuse to let your health suffer.

Here are some things to always bear in mind in order to keep body and mind in great shape.

1. Eat for nourishment: Choose healthy and nutritious foods – if they need to be convenient, that doesn’t mean they need to be unhealthy. Don’t sacrifice the nutritional value of your food for the sake of a quick grab-and-go meal, say experts.

2. Embrace a good work/life balance: It’s not always easy to balance work and personal life, but you have to try as your health is at stake. Learn how to delegate, keep energy levels up and rest when the time is necessary. Experts stress that maintaining a positive work/life balance can increase overall satisfaction and reduce stress levels.

3. Drink tea: A nice cup of green tea can relax your body and lasts longer than having a cup of coffee, say experts.

4. Drink probiotics: Make sure you start your day with a probiotic to sort out any ongoing stomach problems and keep your system in check.

5. Take a power nap: That means a small nap of 15 to 20 minutes – only! Just enough time to recharge and get going again.

6. Enjoy some avocado: It’s a good fat and it’s delicious – what more do you need to hear? Studies have shown avos have many health benefits, such as helping you get a lot more vitamin E.

7. Drink cranberry juice: Cranberries are loaded with vitamin C, which will flush out your body and boost your immune system. However, keep the juice unsweetened.

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8. Time for an egg: Be it a snack or for breakfast, one egg white is great for your health. Experts suggest you drop the yolk on most occasions, but this one is still not yet confirmed in the medical profession.

9. Bounce: Get your hands on a Pilates ball and bounce while watching TV.

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