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25 Sep 2019
12:14 pm

Cape Town nurse who allegedly forced woman to eat dog faeces wants to return to work

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The court heard previously that Elizabeth Williams' resignation on August 5, made with a 24-hour notice period citing 'personal reasons', was rejected.

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Elizabeth Williams, the woman accused of making a love rival eat dog poo, asked the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday to amend her bail conditions to allow her to go back to work.

Looking less stressed, Williams appeared in court on Wednesday, having removed her dreadlocks and, instead of standing nervously in a tracksuit, as in the past, she wore an African print skirt with a black top.

Two of her four co-accused came late to the proceedings, explaining breathlessly to Magistrate Bukiwa Sambudla that: “There is a taxi strike.”

Sambudla peered over her spectacles at them as they apologised and settled in.

Williams’ lawyer Andrew Joyce asked that her 24-hour house arrest bail condition be amended, along with the condition that she not go near Tygerberg Hospital, so that she can earn a salary ahead of her trial.

“My client cannot derive an income at this stage,” submitted Joyce.


The court heard previously that Williams had tendered her resignation on August 5, with a 24-hour notice period citing “personal reasons”.

Her resignation was rejected.

The court heard during their previous appearances that she supports her son, and contributes to the support of her disabled brother and her mother, as well as paying her own house expenses.

Prosecutor Laurentia Morkel said a telephonic check with the hospital’s head of administration, Philip Wolfaard, had revealed that Williams had not been formally suspended and that her disciplinary hearing was still under way.

Joyce asked that the condition be amended for to her to at least travel to work, as her bosses had indicated that she could start as soon as this Sunday.

Williams stands accused – with Porcha Jonkers, Princess Gopie, Amber Booysen and Desmond Alexander – of being part of a series of events on July 26 in Eerste River which allegedly included Ivodene van Niekerk being forced to eat dog faeces.

She was allegedly lured to the theatre nurse’s house on the pretext of doing somebody’s nails, but was then forced to submit to a blood test for STDs in Williams’ kitchen, forced to drink “abortion pills”, and was threatened with having a dog bite her.

This was allegedly over a supposed affair with Williams’s boyfriend Franco “Jubie” Booysen.

At the last court hearing, it emerged that Booysen had been arrested for an alleged parole violation.

Jonkers was also allegedly the subject of Williams’ wrath at one stage.

The case was postponed to Thursday for Dambula to hand down judgment on the request for two of Williams’ bail conditions to be relaxed.

Morkel said that, with regard to the investigation itself, detectives were still battling to analyse one of the videos taken.

The accused are out on bail.

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