Tara Parker-Pope
1 minute read
8 Nov 2019
5:01 pm

Why hobbies are good for you

Tara Parker-Pope

People who said they participated often in enjoyable activities also had greater life satisfaction.

New research has found that any amount of running, even just once a week, could be enough to help lower a person's risk of death. ©pixdeluxe/Istock.com

A large body of research suggests that how you spend leisure time matters to your health, and that your hobbies are good for you in many ways. In 2010, a team of researchers from universities in Kansas, Pittsburgh and Texas published the results of four large studies with a total of 1,399 participants. The researchers developed a scale called the Pittsburgh Enjoyable Activities Test to measure the effect of hobbies and leisure pursuits on overall health. Here’s what they found. Better physical health  People who scored higher on the enjoyable activities test had lower body mass index, smaller waists, lower...