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Belinda Pheto
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20 Mar 2018
11:16 am

Probation officer tells court she felt degraded by Momberg during interviews

Belinda Pheto

The officer says at some point Momberg told her that she would not understand some of the things because she is black.

Vicki Momberg

The probation officer who was originally assigned to handle Vicki Momberg‘s pre-sentencing report took the stand in the Randburg Magistrates’ Court on 16 March, Sandton Chronicle reports.

The officer, Takalani Sekoba, had to recuse herself following alleged abusive language by Momberg during interviews that are meant to assist the Gauteng department of social development to compile a pre-sentencing report, recommending to the court an appropriate sentence.

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Sekoba was called to court to testify following a claim by the defence that there was no bad blood between the officer and Momberg. Advocate Kevin Lawler claimed that Momberg and Sekoba had sorted out their differences and were in constant communication.

Sekoba, however, contradicted this and told the court that she had not had any communication with Momberg since recusing herself.

A visibly emotional Sekoba could not go into detail about the contents of what really made her to recuse herself from the case. She, however, told the court that she felt belittled and humiliated by some of the racial comments that Momberg had allegedly made during interviews. The officer said at some point Momberg told her that she would not understand some of the things because she is black.

The officer also told the court that Momberg questioned the quality of the interviews and Sekoba said it seemed the interview didn’t meet Momberg’s expectations. She told the court that Momberg’s comments made her feel degraded, inferior and intimidated.

The officer also said Momberg accused her of making spelling errors when taking notes. The officer explained that she had been taking notes in shorthand and didn’t write full sentences and sometimes used abbreviations.

In November last year, the Randburg Magistrates’ Court found Momberg guilty on four counts of crimen injuria after she was caught on video hurling racial remarks at a black police officer at the scene where Momberg claimed to be a smash-and-grab victim. Momberg also spewed racial remarks during a 10111 call to another black female officer.

Sentencing procedures continue at the Randburg Magistrates’ Court.

Convicted racist Momberg faces rehabilitation programme

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