Billy Sibuyi
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18 Apr 2018
9:16 am

Newborn baby boy found dead at dumping site in Phalaborwa

Billy Sibuyi

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that such an incident has occurred at the dumpsite.

A pathologist carries away the body. Photo: Billy Sibuyi

A newborn baby boy has been found dead and abandoned at a dumping site in Phalaborwa, Letaba Herald reports.

The baby had been spotted by one of the garbage collectors at the site today, April 17 at about 12pm.

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Letaba Herald were contacted by one of the collectors. “The garbage truck is from the Namakgale area, and it was dumped today at around 11:30,” one of the garbage collectors said.

“The garbage truck arrived earlier today, and we were told to sort out plastics starting from today, and that is when I saw the black refuse bag and opened it,” said Mama Mkhari, who discovered the body.

Photo: Billy Sibuyi

“I saw blood, and my subconscious told me not to open it, but I went ahead and opened the bag, and I was shocked to see a head of a newborn baby,” she continued.

Another dumpsite worker told the Letaba Herald that this is not the first time such a tragedy has occurred.

Photo: Billy Sibuyi

A pathologist from Maphuta Malatji Hospital later confirmed this statement.

“We are so disappointed, and people around the community need to do family planning,” said Onnie Rammalo, spokesperson for Maphuta Malatji Hospital.

The blanket in which the body was concealed. Photo: Billy Sibuyi

“We are still waiting for the doctor to give us the age and cause of death,” he continued.

The police have opened a case of child concealment.

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