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Lana O’Neill
2 minute read
23 Apr 2018
10:34 am

Security firm comments on death of guard in East Rand Mall robbery

Lana O’Neill

The CEO of the security company advised that anyone who witnessed the shootout yesterday should seek counselling.

The scene outside the mall.

Commenting on a shootout at East Rand Mall on Friday afternoon last week, Wahl Bartmann, CEO of Fidelity Security Group, confirmed to Boksburg Advertiser that while the SAPS were apprehending an alleged murder suspect in the mall, the suspect’s partners opened fire and in the ensuing shootout, a Fidelity security guard was killed and a female shopper critically wounded.

“We are deeply sorry about the death of our officer and offer our sincerest condolences to his family.

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“The officer’s name will only be released once his family has been notified. We also extend our condolences to the innocent bystander who was wounded in the shootout and had to be airlifted from the scene. We wish her a speedy recovery.”

Bartmann said Fidelity would work closely with the SAPS to follow up on any leads, and welcomed any information the public could provide.

“Incidents of this nature are highly stressful, and we recommend anyone who witnesses an incident of this nature should seek counselling, regardless of how they might feel.

“It often takes some time to experience and deal with the post-traumatic stress following such an incident,” concludes Bartmann.

He said in the unfortunate event shoppers find themselves in the middle of an attempted mall robbery or heist it is critical to remain calm.

Fidelity offered the following advice:

  • Try and keep as calm as possible. Everyone reacts in a different way, but try and breathe deeply until help arrives.
  • Do not use your cell phone whilst an incident is in process, this could agitate the suspects.
  • Immediately try and find a sheltered spot and keep low on the ground.
  • Take note of the suspects to pass information on to the authorities (what they were wearing, any distinctive clothes, markings, jewellery etc.). Try to remember what they look like (height, weight, etc.).
  • Ensure your children are kept close to you at all times. Do not let children wander off while you are shopping.
  • If you are in a store when an incident happens, speak with the store personnel to firstly close the roller shutter doors. This is also standard operating procedures in many malls. Try to move to the back of the store, out of sight.
  • Try and find a store closest to you and secure yourself as described above.
  • Do not try and exit via the standard entry and exit points, as these are the same points the suspects will be using.

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