Raeesa Kimmie
1 minute read
17 May 2019
9:11 am

WATCH: Plane to be turned into ‘aero-hotel’ transported through Polokwane

Raeesa Kimmie

Rumours began circulating that the plane had landed near Mall of the North, but it was actually being transported to Hoedspruit, to be turned into an aero-hotel.

The plane being transported to Hoedspruit. Image: Facebook

Traffic came to a standstill on Munnik Avenue, Polokwane on Thursday morning when a plane was seen across the intersection of the N1 bypass, reports Polokwane Review.

With rumours circulating that the plane had landed near Mall of the North, it was actually being transported to Hoedspruit and is part of an Aerotel project that will be converted into a 12-bed aviator boutique hotel in Hoedspruit.

According to the Aertotel Hoedspruit Limpopo’s Facebook page, the aviation themed boutique hotel will be launching soon, and is the brainchild of Martin den Dunnen and and Riaan van Niekerk.

Aerotel is a collaboration between Zandspruit Estates, Craft Bespoke Worx and specialist services provided by local Hoedspruit artisans and craftsmen.

The plane caused waves on social media on Thursday, with many stating that the plane had landed, and expressing confusion as to what was going on.



Polokwane Review has made contact with Aerotel, and is currently awaiting feedback.

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