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5 Jul 2021
4:17 pm

Explosion leaves some Gauteng residents with water shortages

Citizen Reporter

Rand Water says the details of affected areas, as well as the contingency measures will be communicated by the relevant municipalities.

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The residents of Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni, and Tshwane will be affected by water shortages due to an explosion at one of Rand Water’s pumping stations.

Rand Water announced on Monday afternoon that some household taps in the affected areas could face water supply issues after three motors running water pump’s exploded the day before.

“On Sunday, three Medium Voltage Motors that are used to run the pumps exploded and rendered the pumps in Rand Water’s Palmiet Booster Pumping Station inoperable,” the water utility said in a statement, which was released on Monday.

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The water utility indicated that the cause of the explosion is not yet known , however, a probe is under way.

“A root cause analysis is currently being investigated, the repairs to the damaged infrastructure is also currently being done on an emergency basis.”

The Palmiet Booster Pumping Station, located in Alberton, was running at 55% of its normal capacity, Rand Water added.

“This incident has resulted in the depletion of reservoir levels within the Palmiet System,” the statement read.

It further said the details of affected suburbs, as well as the contingency measures will be communicated further by the relevant municipalities.

“Rand Water is working around the clock to conduct the repairs and restore normal supply.

“The estimated time to full restoration is unknown at this stage. Rand Water will communicate same once the full assessment has been conducted.”