Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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27 Jun 2019
11:42 am

EFF warns racists: stop attacking us for we will retaliate

Kaunda Selisho

This is in response to a video showing a local pastor getting attacked for allegedly wearing an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) cap at a petrol station.

Economic Freedom Fighters sing on their way to the National Assembly for the State of the Nation Address, delivered by president Cyril Ramaphosa, 20 June 2019. Picture: Phando Jikelo / African News Agency (ANA

Following the physical attack by a white man on a black local pastor for allegedly wearing an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) cap at a petrol station on Ontdekkers Road on Friday, June 21, the party has released a strong directive to “all racists.”

“Stop attacking us for we will retaliate. We will not stop wearing our EFF regalia everywhere. We remain unshaken,” read part of the statement issued on Wednesday.

Roodeport Record reports that police are investigating the incident after footage of the attack was posted on social media and the man who was attacked filed a case.

In the video, the pastor and EFF supporter, who has since been identified as Ron Rambebu, can be seen being attacked through his car’s window while he tries to drive off after completing his business at the station.

The unidentified attacker runs towards Rambebu’s moving car where he proceeds to repeatedly punch Rambebu through his open window.

The attacker is accompanied by a companion who inches closer to the car.

Rambebu is then seen driving off after his assailant eases up on the attack.

A screenshot from the video of Ron Rambebu’s attack at a petrol station in Roodeport | Image: YouTube

Speaking to Roodeport Record, Rambebu recalled the day’s events which he said he initially thought was a hijacking.

“I went to the garage, which is not far from my house, to fill my car’s tank on Friday, June 21, at approximately 4.30pm. I saw a white car parked opposite the tank where I was parked. After I had finished paying and was driving off, I felt punches coming through my window. At first, I thought I was being hijacked,” he told the publication.

“I tried to look around me and realised that I was being attacked. I tried to close the window but because my car has a sensor, it could not close, as the attacker kept on punching me. That is when I decided to flee because I did not want to die,” added Rambebu.

The owner of the garage in question and his staff kept in contact with Rambebu and made the security footage available to him.

The staff reportedly told him that he was attacked because he was wearing an EFF cap and that his assailants also said something about his car before attacking him.

“I was also told that they called me the k-word, but I did not hear them because my mind was all over the place,” said Rambebu.

He has since opened a case at the Roodepoort Police Station and police spokesperson Kay Makhubela has confirmed that the incident is under investigation.

“Economic Freedom Fighters Gauteng condemns the cruel attack on Fighter Rob Rambebu by two racist white men at Engen petrol station in Roodepoort,” said the EFF in a statement.

“It has to be noted that in a democratic dispensation everyone is allowed freedom of association. It cannot be correct that if white racists attack our members without provocation we must remain silent,” they added.

They called on the police to investigate and make arrests and even offered up the assistance of their “ground forces” in tracing the two men.

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