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15 Dec 2019
3:55 pm

EFF conference: ‘All work, no play’ Malema lashes at ill-disciplined delegates

News24 Wire

Malema was responding to some of the questions launched by representatives of various branches across the country.

EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Newly re-elected president of the EFF, Julius Malema has launched a scathing attack on the conduct of delegates at the party’s elective conference in Nasrec, Johannesburg.

Malema was responding to some of the questions launched by representatives of various branches across the country.

Malema said some of the issues raised by delegates did not warrant a comment.

Among the issues that irritated the commander-in-chief was repeated complaints of the party’s security personnel, known was the Defenders of the Revolution (DOR).

“Majority of them are comments and where we can improve as an organisation. We have to go and take the discussion forward in the commissions. This meeting is big,” said Malema.

The media was also not spared by Malema’s punches when he called his members to behave and not please the “enemy agent” -the media.

‘You are emotional and excited’

“I warned you earlier, never allow a situation in the presence of agents of the enemy to discuss security and how you are going to secure yourselves. You are emotional and excited. You are giving room for infiltration. The enemy is not happy at all,” he said.

“The enemy is not happy. It took a lot of effort to bring you here. To elect a top-six so peacefully and it has never happened in the ruling party. You come here and want to please the enemy. The enemy knows how the security of EFF is organised and the enemy will infiltrate.

“After the president said sorry. The matter should have been closed. We told you we are dealing with it. If you want to build an organisation that is coherent and based on principle, do not argue with security.

“Let us not be agitated by things that media makes us agitated about. DOR has been told to act with restraint and respect guests and the media. We have secured all your meetings.”

Malema warned delegates to be wary of people who wanted to disrupt the conference and later take the conference to court to nullify the elected leaders.

“Let’s focus and not be derailed by those who are offended by this conference.”

Malema called out delegates who were loitering outside the conference venue and lashed out at them to behave.

He accused them of failing branches that have nominated them to attend the conference on their behalf, and instead playing kissing games outside meeting venues.

“We are here to work. No one should be outside during plenary and commission. You want to play around, that’s why you don’t want DOR. Why did you come here, you left your friends at home to come and play here?

“We are not teachers here to call you to order. We are here to work unless if you are a bogus delegate.”

Malema called for discipline and maximum participation.

“When you are outside, you must have a solid reason,” he said.

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