Eric Naki
Political Editor
3 minute read
5 May 2021
5:05 am

ANC finally walks the talk but will Ace go quietly?

Eric Naki

The bell finally tolled for Magashule, who resisted the party’s high-level order to step aside until he was pushed. His idea to employ delaying tactics backfired as he was given his final warning.

Luthuli House - the headquarters of the ruling ANC party. Picture: Michel Bega

The ANC is finally walking the talk in cleansing itself of corrupt members – putting itself on the path to regain a semblance of voter confidence and to dispel accusations that it is lax on graft within its ranks after giving secretary-general Ace Magashule a final ultimatum: step aside or be suspended. It was not certain last night whether Magashule would continue to defy the organisation by pushing for the matter to be debated yet again at another national executive committee (NEC) meeting, or by taking the decision to the courts for review – or whether he will go quietly....