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3 Oct 2019
3:13 pm

WATCH: Stun grenades fired outside Buhari-Ramaphosa meeting at Union Buildings

Citizen Reporter

Tshwane Metro Police were unexpectedly called on to bring order amid protesters claiming the 'real' Buhari died in 2017.

The decision by Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari to suspend the country's top judge ahead of next month's elections has been condemned by some critics as an attack on the judiciary and the constitution. AFP/File/Sodiq ADELAKUN

A handful of people calling themselves Biafran nationals carrying placards and accusing Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari of being a fraud have been dispersed by metro police who allegedly used tear gas and rubber bullets.

The Republic of Biafra was a state in West Africa that existed from May 30, 1967 and was made up of the states in the southern region of Nigeria. Biafra’s declaration of independence from Nigeria resulted in a civil war between Biafra and Nigeria, with the inhabitants of Biafra being mostly Igbo.

The nationals camped at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Thursday afternoon with placards protesting that Buhari was an imposter. They want President Cyril Ramaphosa to ignore Buhari and send him home.

They claim the “real Buhari” died in 2017.

Placards with the message: “Biafrans have the right to self-determination, asking for Biafra to be restored is not a crime,” could be seen as officers attempted to bring order to the surprise picket.

Officers could be seen opening fire at the protestors in an effort to restore order as Ramaphosa and Buhari are attempting to improve trade relations as well as enhance cultural ties between the two countries.

Both Ramaphosa and Buhari presided over the South Africa-Nigeria Bi-National Commission where the progress report was presented at the Union Buildings.

Speaking at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, Ramaphosa apologised to the Nigerian president for the violence. This was followed by Buhari condemning violence against his countrymen in South Africa and calling for measures to prevent further violence in the country.

“We would like to assure you that South Africa is committed to the ideals of African unity and solidarity to respect the human rights of others,” said Ramaphosa.

The picket at the Union Buildings comes after weeks of violence in the country last month, which resulted in a number of Nigerian nationals leaving the country to return to Nigeria.

(Compiled by Gopolang Moloko)

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