Hein Kaiser
2 minute read
1 Apr 2021
5:20 am

SAA pilots’ unusual demand: ‘Retrench us’

Hein Kaiser

This is the first time in SAA’s 85-year history that pilots are going on strike.

Picture: iStock

The South African Airways Pilots’ Association (Saapa) yesterday issued a strike notice to the airline with a list of somewhat unusual demands where first and foremost, members wish to be retrenched. The demands follow months of negotiations with the business rescue practitioners (BRPs) and what remained of SAA management to seek, according to Saapa, an amicable solution to the expected mass retrenchment-exit of flight deck crew. The association’s 350 members say that they have had enough of “goal post moving” by the BRPs and management. This in response to an offer that was tabled by the BRPs last week. A...