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Tersia Gopi
1 minute read
22 Mar 2019
7:52 am

PICS: Tennis ball-sized hail wreaks havoc in Newcastle

Tersia Gopi

Massive hailstones destroyed houses and cars in KwaZulu-Natal.

Hail the size of tennis balls broke windows and roofs in Newcastle yesterday. Images: Newcastle Advertiser

The recent hailstorm which hit many parts of Newcastle on Thursday has caused destruction, with reports indicating Lennoxton and Fernwood are the areas worst hit, reports Newcastle Advertiser.

Residents awoke to damaged cars and houses, caused by hailstones believed to be the size of golf balls and bigger, which broke through car windscreens and windows, causing extensive damage.

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Residents have already begun to salvage and repair their home roofs as soon as daylight broke.

Hailstones believed to be the size of tennis balls came down and reportedly destroyed many house roofs, causing rainwater to flood houses.


Residents have sent images of the destruction to Newcastle Advertiser:

It has not yet been communicated how many residents have been displaced, whether anyone was injured in the storm, or what alternative housing arrangements will be set up.

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