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#FishEagle: Good returns for game anglers

Rock and surf angler enjoyed some productive fishing last week and at the weekend a fantastic catch was made by an angler fishing with a handline off the pier at North Beach.

The weather was quite favourable for angling with not too much wind and small surf for much of last week.

The water temperature remains just under 25 degrees and does not seem to show any sign of becoming cooler anytime soon.

Offshore anglers are having a productive game fish season.

Anglers have had some good returns with the favourable weather and sea conditions last week, with big couta, snoek, and a couple of big dorado caught out deep, plus some good sized bottom fish hooked by those anglers fishing the bottom reefs.

There have also been some big rock cod of several species, the usual reds plus some decent kob or salmon to be had in some areas.

The rock and surf angler also enjoyed some productive fishing last week and at the weekend a fantastic catch was made by an angler fishing with a handline off the pier at North Beach.

He used the rip alongside the pier to take his bait out into deeper water and at around eight in the morning he suddenly had a big pull on his line and began battling a fish that was really strong, having difficulty just holding on to it.

After a struggle of half an hour a surfer on his board swam over and offered to help and they managed to get a hold on the fish in the gill area. The result was a beautiful pompano of between 3 an 4 kilos.

Another heads-up catch was a garrick caught by an angler fishing at Blue Lagoon. This is unusual because there has been no word of any garrick having been caught anywhere along the South Coast.

The lower South Coast remains pretty quiet with no shad and very few smaller edible fish being caught.

The upper regions have produced some shad – one weighing in at 4kg – and a couple of other fish weighing in the region of 2kg, but no reports of any garrick.

Normally the small green china shad are in abundance along the South Coast at this time and it is these shoals of small shad that the garrick follow. But it is quiet at present.

Anglers fishing popular local angling spots have caught a few shad in some areas, plus plenty of small salmon and a few small pompano at the known pompano fishing spots.

The light tackle guys continue to pull plenty of wave garrick plus a few moonies, and I believe there are still copper bream to be found in the rocky areas.

Anglers are becoming reluctant to reveal what they are catching and where for obvious reasons.

A few anglers fishing for pompano have been rewarded with a big stumpie from time to time.

The Tugela mouth is still fishing well with a number of nice salmon being caught in the surf plus a few lobotes in the river mouth.

Unfortunately, with the high cost of fuel, not too many anglers plan to travel to the Tugela area these days unless they form a group and share the costs.

Fishing the Tugela area can be very dependent on the tides or sea conditions. I know of many anglers travelling to the mouth after hearing of good fishing, only to return home from a weekend empty handed and disappointed.

Durban bay continues to produce big grunter and there were several big fish caught in the area last week.

Along with the grunter there have been some springer plus several decent kingfish as well.

A couta was caught from the pier, so it seems as if the anglers had a reasonable week but unfortunately it looks as if the weather will be changing this week with a fair amount of rain predicted.


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