Book Club – Three thrilling reads

The holidays are here and if you are planning on relaxing with a few good books, here are some recommendations....

Emily Noble’s Disgrace

A routine job of cleaning the room of a boarding house turns into a mystery for the cleaner, when she makes a gruesome discovery, one that has her joining up with a young police officer. Both have their reasons for wanting to find out more about the case. Emily Noble’s Disgrace by Mary Paulson-Ellis promises loads of twists and turns to keep you glued to the pages. Pan Macmillan.

We Were Never Here

 The tension starts on the very first page of Andrea Bartz’ We Were Never Here, and it doesn’t let up. Two friends, Kristen and Emily, are on holiday – a tradition they have every year, visiting somewhere out-of-the-ordinary. But for one of the girls, stress levels are high. On the previous trip, a backpacker attacked Emily, resulting in his death, one the girls hid by burying his body and quickly leaving town. As for fun-loving Kristen … she feels everything’s behind them, and there’s nothing to worry about. But as the walls close in on their cover-up, Emily finds herself questioning whether she can really trust her closest friend? Penguin.

I have something to tell you

Sit down. I have something to tell you. We’ve all heard that heart-stopping sentence. And it’s seldom good news. It certainly wasn’t for high-flying lawyer Jessica Wells, whose husband has something to tell her, something that ties in with a client and case she’s currently working with. I Have Something To Tell you by Susan Lewis … behind every secret lies a story. Harper Collins Publishers.

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