Three reasons why household drains need a regular clean

Dirty drains don’t only smell bad…they can also harm your family’s health.

Household drains handle a lot of unpleasantries pretty much on a daily basis and yet, we seldomly give them the TLC they need and then wonder why they smell so bad. The cause: bacteria build-up that’s been ignored for too long. This bad odour causing bacteria can also affect your family’s health and lead to illness.

Chemico shares some reasons why you need to add cleaning drains to your monthly household chore list:

  1. Improve lifespan: Cleaning drains regularly will minimise any possible damage that can accumulate over time, keeping repairs to a minimum as small issues are taken care of before they become big issues.
  2. Keep things fresh: Using a drain cleaner will remove food particles and other debris that gets trapped in drains, causing those unpleasant smells.
  3. Better drainage: Having drains free from debris ensures faster drainage and reduces future clogging. Who wouldn’t want that?

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