Dirty Laundry

Get rid of those irritating laundry stains with these useful tips.

Yellow armpits

Soak the garment in in warm water with liquid peroxide that’s suitable for white clothing. Pop it into the machine on the hottest wash as per the label. If the stain is still there afterwards, dampen and sprinkle with meat tenderiser and leave for an hour before washing it again.  

Chewing gum

Place the item in a plastic bag in the freezer for an hour. Remove it and bend the fabric in half through the centre of the piece of gum and it should crack off. If not, try chipping at it with a butter knife. If that also doesn’t work, let the gum return to room temperature, rub it with peanut butter, then try to take it off with the knife. Wash the garment as usual afterwards.  


Try hairspray or make a paste of mustard powder and water and spread it over the stain. Leave for about 15 minutes then wash and rinse. If the fabric is white, moisten it with salt and lemon and then hold the stain over some steam. For stains from colouring pens, use methylated spirits.  

Grass stains

Put a cloth under the stain inside the garment and sponge with methylated spirits. Wash as usual afterwards.

Blood stains

Soak the item in cold water and salt, then make a paste of cornstarch and cold water and apply. Leave to dry, brush and wash as usual. If it’s a dry blood stain, soak the garment in warm water before washing it.  

Red wine

Blot the spill with a cloth then stretch the stained part of the garment over a bowl and cover it with table salt. Pour boiling water over the stain, then wash as usual. You can also try diluted vinegar on the stain, rinse and wash. Another option is to sponge the area with soda water or milk, then cover with table salt and leave to dry. Brush away the salt and hopefully the red wine will come away too.

White wine

Sponge the spill with cold water or soak the garment in cool later for 30 minutes. Use a prewash stain remover and wash as normal.

Did you know?

You can remove:

  • Berry stains with lemon juice
  • Chocolate stains with milk
  • Tomato stains with white vinegar
  • Oil and fatty stains with dishwashing liquid

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