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15 Oct 2019
6:45 am

Joburg Zoo’s cash cows – and animal activists – aren’t happy


While the elderly elephant Lammie has been in mourning since the death of her partner Kinkel, the two new arrivals - Mopani and Ramadiba - are visibly frustrated.

Lammie the elephant celebrates her 40th birthday at the Johannesburg Zoo, 12 August 2019. Her birthday was celebrated on World Elephant Day, an international annual event dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world's elephants. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

Lammie, the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo’s longest-living elephant in captivity, recently turned 40 – a ripe old age for an elephant in captivity. Her partner of 17 years, Kinkel, died in September last year and she has recently been joined by two new elephants, Mopani and Ramadiba. This has led to even more outcry from activists and ecologists. Trans-species psychologist Dr Gay Bradshaw has researched the effects of trauma and violence on elephants and other animals. Bradshaw’s research found that the death of an animal has an impact on the family and surrounding community, but that repeated losses result...