Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
3 minute read
22 Apr 2020
5:20 pm

Confusion over rhino poaching numbers continues

Nica Richards

Whether lockdown is good or bad for rhinos remains to be seen, as poaching incident data is once again disputed.

South Africa is battling a scourge of rhino poaching fuelled by insatiable demand for their horn in Asia

Activists and the department of environment, forestry and fisheries (Deff) are at loggerheads over what the actual rhino poaching numbers might be during lockdown since the numbers were released by the department in February. According to Deff, rhino poaching incidents have decreased since lockdown was enforced on 26 March. A statement released earlier this month indicated anti-poaching operations had been successful during lockdown. Two operations on the eastern boundary of the Kruger National Park, one on 26 March and another on 4 April, resulted in three arrests, with poaching equipment and weapons confiscated. Deff spokesperson Albi Modise confirmed that over...