Rudolph Jacobs
Rugby Journalist
2 minute read
23 Jan 2021
7:00 am

No vibe and no hype: How Covid killed the Currie Cup

Rudolph Jacobs

As this country's much-loved senior rugby competition draws to a close, we should salute the players, coaches and administrators who've kept going through the hard times.

The Sharks have missed several games during the season because of Covid protocol, including due to their coach Sean Everitt testing positive for Covid: Getty Images

Something was definitely lacking this week and I couldn’t precisely lay my hands on it. And I’m certainly not one to be dragged into the Eskom or political mess and lack of municipal maintenance warfare or lack of proper planning issues. Then it struck me - it has more to do with the obvious lack of hype and the general electric vibe surrounding the Currie Cup semifinals taking place in Pretoria and Cape Town today. The lack of atmosphere obviously has to do with the on-going absence of fans at the stadiums and the general depression and anxiety caused by...