Wesley Botton
Chief sports writer
2 minute read
14 Feb 2021
7:25 am

Why are elite races still on hold? Covid is becoming a lazy excuse

Wesley Botton

Completely scratching races, like the Two Oceans and Comrades, because of restrictions is becoming a nasty habit.

Elite road runners, as seen here at the start line of the Comrades Marathon, will be desperate for competitive racing to return. Picture: Getty Images

It has been nearly a year since the domestic road running campaign was suspended, and though amateur runners are obviously frustrated, the situation is becoming dire for the nation's elite athletes. For South Africa's top-tier runners with Gold Label status, there are still options in other countries (albeit limited) where elite races are being held in the absence of the amateur masses. For those who are on the fringe of reaching top-tier status, however, the ongoing pandemic is crippling their income, and though event organisers are not responsible for the virus, they need to start taking some responsibility for their...