Nica Richards
Deputy online news editor
6 minute read
23 Feb 2021
1:36 pm

Through the looking glass of a social worker during Covid-19 

Nica Richards

Social workers' fear of the virus is inconsequential. But what has emerged is that they are gaining respect and have adapted to treating patients digitally.

Social workers are the comforting hands for the needy. Picture: iStock

Social workers are not loud and certainly do not cower in fear.  They are the strong, silent middlemen and women between mentally ill patients and their scared families, between destitute children and their chance at a new life, between desperate communities and much-needed financial support.  ALSO READ: MUST READ: Covid-19-positive medical doctor’s diary They are always there and they too have been affected by Covid-19. But not all consequences of the pandemic have been bad for them, said social worker Saudah Morris.  The advent of a global life-threatening virus has thrown even the most solid industries into a wormhole of...