Eric Naki
Political Editor
4 minute read
5 Mar 2021
8:40 am

If Cosatu leaves alliance, ANC should kiss political power goodbye

Eric Naki

With local government elections around the corner, Cosatu feels serious pressure from the workers to excuse itself from its long stroll with the ANC.

Cosatu general secretary Bheki Ntshalintshali speaks to the media after the Central Executive Committee meeting. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

When trade union federation Cosatu threatened to abandon the governing ANC with a view to stand alone in future elections, you would be excused for not taking that seriously, because the threat has been uttered many times before. But if Cosatu were to actually leave the ANC-led tripartite alliance, then that should worry the already deteriorating governing party. Presuming that Cosatu would establish a workers’ party to challenge the ANC – something that we should consider with a measure of scepticism until that chicken actually hatches – then the ANC could lose some support. But that does not mean the...