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9 Mar 2021
5:40 am

‘Women’s Day’ in South Africa is a misnomer


South Africa is probably the “poster boy” for the oppression of women. Our men beat them, rape them, murder them.

Deputy President David Mabuza on 25 November 2020 marks the beginning of five days of mourning and remembrance at the Union Buildings, Pretoria, for those who lost their lives due to gender-based violence, femicide and the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence. Picture: GCIS

It is difficult not to be torn – intellectually and emotionally – about the concept of International Women’s Day, marked yesterday. On the one hand, every occasion we have to highlight the plight of women should be grabbed with both hands. However, against that is the nagging feeling that putting a name and a day to a campaign to improve the lives of women is more than a bit patronising … not to mention that it once again puts women in a psychological ghetto by “allowing” them one day to try to make their voices heard. South Africa is probably...