Richard Anthony Chemaly
5 minute read
16 Mar 2021
7:20 pm

Could government be legally forced to provide free education?

Richard Anthony Chemaly

Suing government for broken promises has worked before, but we must ensure that the fight is about more than just access to a seemingly bottomless pit.

Unisa students protesting for Minister for Higher education Blade Nzimande to address their issues outside the Sunnyside Campus in Pretoria, 15 March 2021. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Another year and another student protest about fees. It’s getting tired, so could we maybe sue somebody and just get it over with? The promise of free education has been one that’s been made ever since democratic South Africa became a thing. But then again, so was housing, electricity, water, health, and the like. We were all too happy to watch that Madiba magic oversee the reconstruction and development programme (RDP) programme, roll out electricity, and improve public health, and thought that the rest, including higher education, would follow. I mean, how much can one expect from a single administration...